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Enduring Understandings

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  • Are derived from or are aligned with core content standards.
  • Are framed as full sentence generalizations in response to the stem: "Students will understand that..."
  • Are not obvious or true by definition (i.e., factual knowledge).They need to be "uncovered" (rather than merely stated) in order for students to come to understand them.
  • Are transferable across time and subject areas.


Examples of Enduring Understandings


Students will understand that...

  • Numbers are abstract concepts that enable us to represent concrete quantities, sequences, and rates.
  • Democratic governments struggle to balance the rights of individuals with the common good.
  • The form in which authors write shapes how they address their audience and their purpose(s).
  • Scientists use observation and statistical anaylsis to uncover and analyze patterns in nature.
  • As technologies change, our views of nature and our world shift and redefine themselves.


From Understanding by Design by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe



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