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What is Differentiated Instruction? 

Adjusting the curriculum, teaching strategies, and classroom environment to better meet the needs of all students.  In a differentiated classroom:

  • Student differences shape the curriculum
  • Pre-assessment is typical and frequent
  • Multiple options for students are offered
  • There is variable pacing
  • Varied grading criteria are used
  • Individual efforts and growth are honored


from How to Differentiate Mixed-Ability Classrooms by Carol-Ann Tomlinson

How do I Differentiate?

What do I Differentiate?


Please visit the Strategies page to learn more.

How do I get started?

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Comments (9)

Ruth Cheatham said

at 10:47 pm on Jun 11, 2010

Wow....what a great resoure. Thank you!

Angela Cunningham said

at 4:15 pm on Jun 12, 2010

Thank you...it's a bit neglected right now. I hope to find time to make updates this summer.

Mrs. DePasquale said

at 1:40 pm on Jun 22, 2010

I agree. This is a great resource. I can't wait to share with my colleagues. I like the organization and the structure.

Mrs. J said

at 10:56 pm on Jul 11, 2010

I hope that I can get my colleagues as excited about differentiation as I am. Thanks for the resource.

Julie Squires said

at 5:49 pm on Aug 28, 2010

Great resource! Very well organized. Thank you

knoac4 said

at 4:06 pm on Aug 30, 2010

An excellent resource. Well done!

Sally said

at 2:57 am on Dec 13, 2010

Thanks for the resource:)

veronica criado said

at 9:10 pm on Jan 18, 2011

Excellent well organized resource! THX 4 sharing :)

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