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Reading and Literacy

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About Striving Readers...

The purpose of the project is to improve literacy instruction and performance for adolescent learners in 21 rural Kentucky middle schools and high schools.  Participating schools will implement two complementary literacy initiatives, and the impact of that implementation on student learning and teacher practice will be the focus.


The grant includes ongoing professional development, literacy coaching, funds for instructional resources, and support for leadership.


Visit the Striving Readers blog.

 Visit the Content Literacy ning.

Our Literacy Coaches...

Ondrea Smallwood

Michelle Gajdik

The Strategies... 

Vocabulary Development

Reading Comprehension


Speaking & Listening

Frayer Model

Anticipation Guide

Admit / Exit Slip

Accountable Talk 

Interactive Word Wall

Interactive Reading

Document Based Questions (DBQs)

Cafe Conversation


Multiple Entry Journal

Writing Wheel

Graffiti Conversations


Main Idea / Detail Frame


Jigsaw Discussion


Parallel Reading


Socratic Seminar


Say, Mean, Matter


The Squeeze


 Text Coding



Additional Resources




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